Invited Speakers

P. Backley (Tohoku Gakuin University), “Elements in prosodic structure”

B. E. Dresher (University of Toronto), “Contrastive Hierarchies and Phonological Primes”

H. van der Hulst (University of Connecticut), “The RcvP model of Phonological Elements and Vowel Harmony”

M. Pöchtrager (University of Vienna), “A unified theory of vowels”

J-L. Schwartz & J. Bucci (GIPSA-lab, CNRS, Univ. Grenoble Alpes & BCL, CNRS, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis), “Could elements in ET be articulatory-acoustic rather than solely acoustic? Arguments from phonetics and phonology”


P. Avery & E. Raimy (York University & University of Wisconsin-Madison), “Privativity, contrast and phonetics”

L. Bafile (University of Ferrara), “On Overgeneration”

E. Biteeva, N. Vallée & J. Bucci (Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, Grenoble INP, GIPSA-lab), “Palatal resonance in light of the articulatory variation. The case of Russian”

J. Brandão de Carvalho & N. Faust (University Paris 8, CNRS SFL), “Vowels as templates: evidence from harmonic processes”

F. Breit (University College London), “Dual Interpretation and Saliency Arise from Spell-Out”

B. Botma & J. Grijzenhout (Leiden University Centre for Linguistics), “Voiced fricatives in Element Theory: evidence from the Nordic languages”

E. Cavirani & M. Van Oostendorp (Meertens Institute), “A Theory of the Theory of Vowels”

F. Mutlu (McGill University), “The stoppiest stop and its favourite seat: Manner and constituency”

K. Nasukawa & N. C. Kula (Tohoku Gakuin University & University of Essex), ““Epenthetic” consonants in nasal-consonant sequences: Consonant-vowel element interactions”

H. Onuma (Iwate Medical University), “A precedence-free approach to velar softening”

K. Polgárdi (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), “What does it mean that Blackfoot [s] can be a vowel?”

G. Schwartz (UAM Poznań), “Why is U handicapped for harmony?”

J. Veloso (University of Porto), “Vowel Reduction, Vowel Assimilation and Inherent Vowel Weight in European Portuguese: Asymmetric Inter-Relations between Elements”

C. Youngberg (SOAS, University of London), “Diphthongs in Tokyo Japanese: an Element-based CV proposal”

S. Živanović (University of Ljubljana), “Life without |ʔ| and |A| and what it tells us about branching onsets”